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It’s really wrong to make fun of someone for speaking English as a second language, but Tei’s mom, Eiko, once asked me “how is your garden grow?” and now that’s the only way I can ask anyone anything (try it next time you want something more snazzy than “how was your day?”). I’m not making fun of her. She’s just adorable and Japanese.

Anyway, I just wanted you guys to know that it’s not just the chickens that I care about at Peebottle. There’s a lot of exciting stuff happening in the garden.

I bought some callaloo at the Union Square Farmers’ Market recently, and it’s partying in the backyard. “Callalloo” actually refers to a dish made with cooked leafy greens, and that dish can be really different depending on the cook’s origins. The “callalloo” pictured above is a kind of Amaranth, and this is what Jamaicans usually use. (Jamaican readers, please send me your recipes. Thanks.) I went for it because there are many Jamaicans (and Trinidadians) in my neck of Brooklyn, and I have enjoyed the dish lots of times. Now I just need to find someone to give me a cooking lesson. Don’t think I’m kidding—I have a habit of inviting myself to the homes of strangers and buying them groceries in exchange for lessons in the home cooking of wherever they’re from.

What kind of pepper is this? I have no memory and no idea! It looks spicy and I think I will pickle it. And then put it on a roast pork sandwich with mayonnaise. OK?

I know what these are, and I’m real jazzed about them. They’re shishito peppers that Eiko started for us, and I just snipped them to blister in a very hot cast iron skillet and then dress with lemon juice and salt. (Eiko likes them with soy sauce and a little sugar, which I will try too). They’re mild but also do not taste like green belle peppers—thank god. I see them rarely at the greenmarket so I’m thrilled to have them in my own backyard.

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