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Folks, we’ve reached the next level of farmdom. I don’t know if it was the sunlight from the window Carpenter Luke recently installed, or if she just needed a little more time, but a second chicken has joined in on the laying action.

I explained (and maybe complained) last week that a second hen had sporadically begun to lay eggs—one runty, yolkless thing and one that got cracked because she chose a corner of the main floor of the coop as her spot, rather than a luxury nesting box, with a built-in egg-rail to keep her eggs safe. Until this weekend, I hadn’t ever received two eggs on one day, broken or not. Hen #1 has been laying one almost every day, but had missed those days when Hen #2 had laid (which made me wonder if the same gal was responsible, but had been moving around).

For three days straight, there has been one egg in the right-most of our three nesting boxes and one egg in the right, front corner of the coop floor. The shells of both hen’s eggs are very thick and hard, which is normal when chickens first start laying. Hen #2 is actually making slightly larger eggs, with a lighter brown shell than Hen #1. I assume they are different breeds, but I have no idea who to thank, still.

It’s probably about time to install that infrared hen-house webcam, yes?

Two eggs a day, or 14 a week seems like plenty for a normal couple of people, but there are four more ladies in that box, readying themselves for womanhood. What the fuck are we gonna do with 42 eggs a week?

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