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Mmkay, oasis might be a strong word, but I’m just glad I didn’t brag about my first attempt at this, when I forgot about the whole thing for several days during the heat wave, because i was too busy napping in between cold showers, and everything turned brown and crunchy.

Kids, remember to check out your local farmer’s market or farm stand for happy, natural plants. Best place to put your money! All of these came from the Union Square Greenmarket for about $25 total, except the edamame, which I started from soy beans Tei’s mom, Eiko, gave us. From the one minute I spent reading about edamame, it seems it’s easy and prolific and grows like a little snack bush. I’m sure ‘ll discover why I haven’t heard of lots of people growing these in an urban setting.

You may not have a backyard, city friends, but find out if you have access to your roof if you haven’t already investigated. If there’s a locked door, ask your landlord how s/he would feel about you going out there to plant a few pots. It’s worth a try, even if most landlords are inexplicably uptight. This pot came from Home Depot, and the others pictured above are all from Ikea. But buckets and anything else that you can drill or cut holes in the bottom for drainage will do the job.

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