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I bet you guys have been dying of curiosity about my egg situation—oh!—I mean my chicken egg situation. Well, ever since I got the first one, about two weeks ago, I’ve been collecting one almost every day from the same box. I’m assuming it’s from the same hen lady. They’re getting a little bigger and none since the first have had double yolks.

A few eggs have been left on the main floor of the coop recently. One was some kind of chicken ping pong ball excuse for an egg, and contained only a white, and the other two were normal, though one had cracked. Who leaves her precious egg on the floor to be trampled by a bunch of birdbrained roommates? I assume those were from my second layer. They were darker and a little spotted, so perhaps she is of a different breed than the first, but she seems to have had a false start, as I haven’t gotten any more floor eggs in many days.

I was slightly concerned about all this, even though I think it’s quite normal for pullets who are just beginning their careers in womanhood. My lovely friend Kelly, who came for a visit on ping pong day did a little research, which said that light is an important factor in egg production. It all came back to me: the lamps in factory farms, the beautiful natural light at the farm where we bought our hens. The coop we built has spaces for light and air to pass through, but it must not be enough!

Enter our talented and affable carpenter friend, Luke, who happens to make beautiful furniture right in our very basement! (I suggest you get a friend like this, in addition to the handy boyfriend I have recommended before.)

When the weather starts to cool down, I’ll add plexiglass to the outside of the window. (There will be less light then, of course, and some breeds stop laying eggs in the winter, but our Rhode Island Reds should go strong.) For now, they can enjoy the gentle breeze through the safety of some more chicken wire.

Stay tuned to find out if my workers are happier in these conditions.

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